Royalties/Broadcasting Licensing

Broadcasters are solely responsible for ensuring that, they hold the rights to broadcast any content on their stations. ForwardMyStream is not responsible for such rights and assumes that broadcasters have the necessary license to broadcast content on their stations. ForwardMyStream is only an online radio stream forwarding service and a content aggregator of radio stations. Any takedown notice or infringement of copyright notices received from any relevant authority, will have your content removed without notice as we reserve all the right to do so.

Radio Stream Forwarding

Our forwarding service is currently free and available to all broadcasters. This might change in future if our operational cost goes up. Check out our support and FAQ pages for more information about this service.

Radio Directory Listings

Stations added to our forwarding service can also be optionally listed on our radio directory. Information provided about a station on the directory page are those of their respective owners. Broadcasters also have the option to remove their stations from the directory if they are no longer interested. ForwardMyStream also has the right to reject any listing that does not meet our guidelines.


Please refer to our FAQ page for frequently asked questions first. If you however still require further assistance, you may contact us by using the Contact page or our YouTube channel for tutorial videos.

Platform Availability

ForwardMyStream will ensure that its platform is always available to broadcasters. There might be a server downtime during maintenance periods but prior notices will be sent.


ForwardMyStream may place adverts on any part of its platform at its discretion. Adverts may be in any relevant format such as images, audio or videos. While the platform remains 'free to use', advertising will subsidise the running of our platform. If a subscription service is introduced at anytime, this policy would be revised.