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WMAX Vero Beach, FL, USA. MAXradio - Playing it all! A service of Shanesta Broadcasting, LLC.

About Us:

MAXradio is an online-only radio station playing a little of everything in nearly every genre and subgenre, in multiple languages, featuring artists from all over the world, with a heavier focus on hip-hop music than other genres. We have thousands of songs in our playlist and constantly adding more to give you the ultimate listening experience, and to offer something for everyone, no matter their taste in music, and to help others discover new music, or artists they may have never heard before. One thing we pride ourselves on is searching for music from artists that are not as well known and featuring it on our station along with the most popular music from the biggest stars. We also love to help promote local and independent artists and get their music played as well, so if you're an artist looking to get your music played on our station, hit us up, because we want to play your music!

Available for streaming on the following platforms:

Zeno.FM, Forward My Stream, Caster.FM, Get Me Radio, Listen Online Radio, Online Radio Box, Listen 2 My Radio, Listen 2 My Show, Radio 12345, Radio Stream 123, Radio Stream 321, Streamitter, Streema, Simple Radio, Jawa Radio, and My Radio Stream

Available for streaming on the following apps:

Zeno Radio App, Get Me Radio App, Simple Radio App, Online Radio Box App, Streema, and Listen 2 My Radio App

Listen to us on your smart TVs:

Just search for WMAX on the Get Me Radio App, available on your Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and other smart TVs

We are available on your smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home:

Just say, "Alexa, ask Get Me Radio to play WMAX MAXradio," or "Hey Google, talk to Get Me Radio and play WMAX MAXradio."

Social Media:

Facebook: @myMAXradio

Twitter: @my_MAXradio

Instagram: @myMAXradio

Show Schedule (all times US eastern time):

Sundays: Sunday Praise - Christian music

Monday - Friday, 10am - 2pm: APz Mid-Morning Mimosa - A globally-syndicated radio show featuring the hottest hits in the genres of hip-hop, R&B, reggae, dancehall and pop, featuring live artist interviews and music reviews. This show streams live from WAPZ-DB Reality Radio in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The show features hosts AP That Guy, Bad Gyal New New, and Uncle Red.

Tuesdays, 6pm: OutBuro Podcast - An LGBTQ-oriented podcast featuring entrepreneurs and community leaders in the LGBTQ community. The show originates from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, and is hosted by Dennis Velco.

Thursdays, 6pm - 7pm: Live 'n' Kickin' - A multi-genre, nationally-syndicated live music show originating from Orlando, Florida, USA. The show features host, Bruce Andersen, house band, Cosmic Cowboy Revival, an Americana band, and three featured artists performing live on the show weekly.

Saturdays, 9am - 12pm: Energy Saturdays with DJ Roy - A globally-syndicated show featuring Caribbean music; mostly reggae and dancehall. This show streams live from WBLR Big Link Radio 97.5 FM & 1700 AM in Patterson, New Jersey, USA.

Saturdays, 9pm - 11pm (periodically): Club MAX with DJ Shaneiac - A radio show with our station owner and general manager, DJ Shaneiac, which features club music from the 1970s - today in multiple genres, including disco, dance, EDM, trance, house, techno, electronica, freestyle, dubstep, pop, hip hop, reggae, reggaeton, salsa, meringue, K-pop, J-pop, and more.

MAXradio Specials:

MAXradio New Year's Party - A 48 hour show with party music to help you ring in the new year commercial-free. It starts New Year's Eve at midnight and goes to January 2nd at midnight. Our owner and general manager, DJ Shaneiac, will be on periodically during that time DJing the biggest club hits from the past 50+ years and New Year's anthems, and the rest of the time, you can still get your party on with thousands of party songs and club music to get you in the mood.

Martin Luther King Day - A full day of Martin Luther King, Jr. speeches on MAXradio to remember, honor, and pay tribute to one of the greatest civil rights leaders of all time. Of course, this day is commercial-free too.

Valentine's Day - A day of commercial-free love songs.

St. Patrick's Day - A full day of Irish music, commercial-free.

June 12th - Pulse Tribute Show - We pay tribute to those we lost at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016. This show does not have a set time and will be announced via our social media channels.

MAXradio PRIDE - A program celebrating Pride Month in June and honoring the LGBTQ+ community. This show does not have a set time and will be announced via our social media channels.

4th of July - A full day of patriotic music, commercial-free, celebrating America.

Halloween - A full day of spooky sounds and spooky-themed music, all commercial-free.

Holidays - From the day after Thanksgiving, through December 23rd, our main playlist will feature holiday music that celebrates and honors all the holidays and traditions celebrated in December, from Christmas to Hanukkah, from Festivus to Yule, and Kwanzaa too!

Christmas - All day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we feature a DJ-free, and commercial-free playlist of Christmas music for your enjoyment.

Periodically: MAXradio Tribute Show - A radio show that pays tribute to major acts in the music industry when a big name in music dies. Please check our Facebook or Twitter pages for the latest information on upcoming tribute shows.

The rest of the time, you'll hear music from our main playlist, which features a little of everything, including independent artists and the biggest stars across all genres and subgenres of music in multiple languages from all around the world

NOTE: Some shows are streamed to our station from our sister stations and other affiliates, and we may stream our shows to other stations as well for wider distribution of content among our various partnerships and sister stations. There are times that the shows listed above may be preempted by special programing (tributes, holiday programming, breaking news, etc.). There are other times that scheduled shows may not air on our station, in which a pre-recorded show may air, or that time slot will feature programing from our main playlist


Get your music played on MAXradio! Call +1 (772) 269-6796, or email for more information

Business Owners:

Advertise on MAXradio! Call +1 (772) 269-6796, or email for more information

Contact us:

Listener Line (Call/Text): +1 (772) 783-8182

Business Line (Call/Text): +1 (772) 269-6796


Requests: +1 (772) 783-8182

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Member Station: National Association of Digital Broadcasters (NAdB)


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Shane – January 22, 2023:

This station wants to make me bang some old people. Craigslist here I come.

Deejay – August 21, 2021:

Max radio is the number 1 all the hits best radio in South Florida straight from Vero Beach.....

Shane – August 17, 2021:

This is the best radio station I have ever listened to! I love how they play a little of everything! Bravo, MAXradio! You provide a great service for people who truly have a love of music, no matter the genre.

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